predictor-corrector method


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  • Predictor-corrector method — In mathematics, particularly numerical analysis, a predictor corrector method is an algorithm that proceeds in two steps. First, the prediction step calculates a rough approximation of the desired quantity. Second, the corrector step refines the… …   Wikipedia

  • Mehrotra predictor-corrector method — Mehrotra s predictor corrector method in optimization is an implementation of interior point methods. It was proposed in 1989 by Sanjay Mehrotra. [cite journal|last=Mehrotra|first=S.|title=On the implementation of a primal–dual interior point… …   Wikipedia

  • Mehrotra predictor–corrector method — Mehrotra s predictor–corrector method in optimization is an implementation of interior point methods. It was proposed in 1989 by Sanjay Mehrotra.[1] The method is based on the fact that at each iteration of an interior point algorithm it is… …   Wikipedia

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  • Interior point method — Interior point methods (also referred to as barrier methods) are a certain class of algorithms to solve linear and nonlinear convex optimization problems. These algorithms have been inspired by Karmarkar s algorithm, developed by Narendra… …   Wikipedia

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